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The Cabin-Chiswick

Posted by on August 13th, 2013 in Food,London

The Cabin - Chiswick

We decided to eat at The Cabin over the weekend having been enticed by the Lobster Festival they were advertising. Dee in particular is a big fan of the Lobster Roll and was looking forward to trying their’s out.

The Cabin - Chiswick

Now firstly I will get this out of the way. I am not the sort of person to suggest that a restaurant has bad service if we had bad service. I believe that at the same time one table could get bad service whilst the other get great service. It is a very small sample to suggest one way or the other, however I can only give our experience and we had bad service. The hour that we waited between our starter and main course is just too long, we had finished our bottle of wine before the meal turned up, and to suggest that it was just because of some large tables when we can see tables gettings served before us despite ordering after us is just insulting. It also didn’t help that our waitress seemed to prefer chatting to her friends than serving her customers.

Beef Ribs - Cabin

Anyway rant over, now on to the food. We ordered Clam Chowder and Calamari for starter and Lobster Roll and Beef Ribs for main course. The Clam Chowder was very nice. Thick and creamy as it should be. Not enough Clams for my liking but it was very tasty. The Beef Ribs had plenty of meet on them and although I have had better sauce on the ribs, particularly from places that specialises in ribs (Bodean for example) it was still quite nice and I was rather full at the end of it.

Lobster Roll - Cabin

Dee’s Calamari was quite a large portion but the Calamari itself was a bit bland and tasteless. The Lobster Roll was larger than expected, which was mainly due to the bun – which was lovely but was too big for the filling. I’ve not seen tomato or avocado in a Lobster Roll before, whilst the avocado added an additional complimentary flavour the tomatoes did not. The lobster itself was lovely, as was the mayonnaise dressing. The dish is served with a choice of side and Dee ordered the green salad – which was a good light accompaniment to the roll.

Overall the bill came to just shy of £100 for two course and a bottle of wine. For me that is too much for what the meal was. There is so much competition for your custom in Chiswick and I feel other places offer better value for money disregarding the poor service we encountered.

Please excuse the photos in the post – our camera battery died and we had to resort to using camera phones.
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